Shenzhen Metro Luobao Line (Line 1)


Luobao Line (Line 1)
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Luohu 罗湖 ↓↓↓ See below ↓↓↓
connected station transfer with Lo Wu Mass Transit Railway East Rail Line
White dot Guomao 国贸
White dot Laojie 老街
White dot Grand Theater 大剧院
White dot Science Museum 科学馆
White dot Huaqiang Rd 华强路
White dot Gangxia 岗厦
White dot Convention & Exhibition Center 会展中心 Longhua Line (1)
White dot Shopping Park 购物公园
White dot Xiangmihu 香蜜湖
White dot Chegongmiao 车公庙
White dot Zhuzilin 竹子林
White dot Qiaocheng East 侨城东
White dot OCT 华侨城
White dot Window of the World 世界之窗
White dot Baishizhou 白石洲
White dot Hi-Tech Park 高新园
White dot Shenzhen University 深大

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