Airport Express (Beijing Subway)Airport Express (Mass Transit Railway)Airport Express (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)
Akhmeteli-Varketili Line (Tbilisi Metro)Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Asakusa Line (Toei Subway)
Avtozavodskaya Line (Nizhny Novgorod Metro)Baku MetroBatong Line (Beijing Subway)
Beijing SubwayBinhai Mass TransitBlue Line (Yokohama Municipal Subway)
Bundang Line (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)Busan MetroButovskaya Line (Moscow Metro)
Changchun Rail TransitChengdu MetroChiyoda Line (Tokyo Metro)
Chongqing Rail TransitChŏllima Line (Pyongyang Metro)Chūō Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)
Daegu Metropolitan TransitDaejeon Metropolitan TransitDalian Metro
Danshui Line (Taipei Metro)Disneyland Resort Line (Mass Transit Railway)Dzerzhinskaya Line (Novosibirsk Metro)
East AsiaEast Rail Line (Mass Transit Railway)Eurasia
FMetroFilyovskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Fukuoka City Subway
Fukutoshin Line (Tokyo Metro)Ginza Line (Tokyo Metro)Green Line (Yokohama Municipal Subway)
Guangzhou MetroGwangju Metropolitan TransitGyeongui Line (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)
Hakozaki Line (Fukuoka City Subway)Hanzōmon Line (Tokyo Metro)Hibiya Line (Tokyo Metro)
Higashiyama Line (Nagoya Municipal Subway)Hokushin Line (Kobe Rapid Transit Railway)Hyŏksin Line (Pyongyang Metro)
Imazatosuji Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)Incheon SubwayIsland Line (Mass Transit Railway)
Jungang Line (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)Kaigan Line (Kobe Municipal Subway)Kakhovskaya Line (Moscow Metro)
Kalininskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Kamiiida Line (Nagoya Municipal Subway)
Kaohsiung Mass Rapid TransitKarasuma Line (Kyoto Municipal Subway)Kazan Metro
Kobe Municipal SubwayKobe Rapid Transit RailwayKoltsevaya Line (Moscow Metro)
Kwun Tong Line (Mass Transit Railway)Kyoto Municipal SubwayKūkō Line (Fukuoka City Subway)
Leninskaya Line (Novosibirsk Metro)Line 10 (Beijing Subway)Line 10 (Shanghai Metro)
Line 11 (Shanghai Metro)Line 13 (Beijing Subway)Line 13 (Shanghai Metro)
Line 1 (Baku Metro)Line 1 (Beijing Subway)Line 1 (Busan Metro)
Line 1 (Daegu Metropolitan Transit)Line 1 (Daejeon Metropolitan Transit)Line 1 (Guangzhou Metro)
Line 1 (Gwangju Metropolitan Transit)Line 1 (Incheon Subway)Line 1 (Kazan Metro)
Line 1 (Nanjing Metro)Line 1 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 1 (Samara Metro)
Line 1 (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)Line 1 (Seoul Subway)Line 1 (Shanghai Metro)
Line 1 (Shenyang Metro)Line 1 (Tianjin Metro)Line 1 (Wuhan Metro)
Line 1 (Yekaterinburg Metro)Line 1 (Yerevan Metro)Line 2 (Baku Metro)
Line 2 (Beijing Subway)Line 2 (Busan Metro)Line 2 (Chongqing Rail Transit)
Line 2 (Daegu Metropolitan Transit)Line 2 (Guangzhou Metro)Line 2 (Nanjing Metro)
Line 2 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 2 (Seoul Subway)Line 2 (Shanghai Metro)
Line 3 (Busan Metro)Line 3 (Changchun Rail Transit)Line 3 (Dalian Metro)
Line 3 (Guangzhou Metro)Line 3 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 3 (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)
Line 3 (Seoul Subway)Line 3 (Shanghai Metro)Line 4 (Beijing Subway)
Line 4 (Guangzhou Metro)Line 4 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 4 (Seoul Metropolitan Subway)
Line 4 (Seoul Subway)Line 4 (Shanghai Metro)Line 5 (Beijing Subway)
Line 5 (Guangzhou Metro)Line 5 (Saint Petersburg Metro)Line 5 (Seoul Subway)
Line 5 (Shanghai Metro)Line 6 (Seoul Subway)Line 6 (Shanghai Metro)
Line 7 (Seoul Subway)Line 7 (Shanghai Metro)Line 8 (Beijing Subway)
Line 8 (Seoul Subway)Line 8 (Shanghai Metro)Line 9 (Binhai Mass Transit)
Line 9 (Seoul Subway)Line 9 (Shanghai Metro)Longhua Line (Shenzhen Metro)
Luobao Line (Shenzhen Metro)Lyublinsko-Dmitrovskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Ma On Shan Line (Mass Transit Railway)
Main PageMarunouchi Line (Tokyo Metro)Mass Transit Railway
Meijō Line (Nagoya Municipal Subway)Meikō Line (Nagoya Municipal Subway)Midōsuji Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)
Minatomirai 21 Line (Yokohama Minatomirai Railway)Mita Line (Toei Subway)Moscow Metro
Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)Nagoya Municipal SubwayNamboku Line (Kobe Rapid Transit Railway)
Namboku Line (Sapporo Municipal Subway)Namboku Line (Sendai City Subway)Namboku Line (Tokyo Metro)
Nanakuma Line (Fukuoka City Subway)Nangang-Banqiao-Tucheng Line (Taipei Metro)Nanjing Metro
Nankō Port Town Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)Neihu-Wenshan Line (Taipei Metro)Nizhny Novgorod Metro
Novosibirsk MetroOrange Line (Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit)Osaka Municipal Subway
Pyongyang MetroRed Line (Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit)Rinkai Line (Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit)
Saburtalo Line (Tbilisi Metro)Saint Petersburg MetroSaitama Rapid Railway
Saitama Rapid Railway Line (Saitama Rapid Railway)Sakaisuji Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)Sakura-Dōri Line (Nagoya Municipal Subway)
Samara MetroSapporo Municipal SubwaySeishin-Yamate Line (Kobe Municipal Subway)
Sendai City SubwaySennichimae Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)Seoul Metropolitan Subway
Seoul SubwaySerpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Shanghai Metro
Shenyang MetroShenzhen MetroShinjuku Line (Toei Subway)
SingaporeSokolnicheskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Sormovskaya Line (Nizhny Novgorod Metro)
Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya Line (Moscow Metro)Taipei MetroTanimachi Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)
Tashkent MetroTbilisi MetroTianjin Metro
Tianjin SubwayToei SubwayTokyo Metro
Tokyo SubwayTokyo Waterfront Area Rapid TransitTozai Line (Kobe Rapid Transit Railway)
Tseung Kwan O Line (Mass Transit Railway)Tsuen Wan Line (Mass Transit Railway)Tsurumai Line (Nagoya Municipal Subway)
Tung Chung Line (Mass Transit Railway)Tōhō Line (Sapporo Municipal Subway)Tōzai Line (Kyoto Municipal Subway)
Tōzai Line (Sapporo Municipal Subway)Tōzai Line (Tokyo Metro)West Rail Line (Mass Transit Railway)
Wuhan MetroXindian-Xiaonanmen Line (Taipei Metro)Yekaterinburg Metro
Yerevan MetroYokohama Minatomirai RailwayYokohama Municipal Subway
Yotsubashi Line (Osaka Municipal Subway)Yūrakuchō Line (Tokyo Metro)Zamoskvoretskaya Line (Moscow Metro)
Zhonghe Line (Taipei Metro)Ōedo Line (Toei Subway)
File:375px-SZMetro RtDig.pngFile:Baku Metro.pngFile:Baku Metro Map.png
File:Beijing MTR.pngFile:Beijing Subway.pngFile:Beijing Subway Map.png
File:Binhai Mass Transit.pngFile:Busan Subway.pngFile:Busan Subway Map.png
File:Changchun Rail Transit.pngFile:Changchun Rail Transit Map.pngFile:Chengdu Metro.png
File:Chengdu Metro Map.pngFile:Chongqing Rail Transit.pngFile:Chongqing Rail Transit Map.png
File:Daegu Metropolitan Transit.pngFile:Daegu Metropolitan Transit Map.pngFile:Daejeon Metropolitan Transit Map.png
File:Daejeon Subway.pngFile:Dalian Metro.pngFile:Dalian Metro Map.png
File:Dalian Rail Transit.svgFile:Example.jpgFile:FMetro.png
File:FMetro Map.pngFile:Feature.pngFile:Forum new.gif
File:Fukuoka City Subway.pngFile:Fukuoka City Subway Map.pngFile:Guangzhou Metro.png
File:Guangzhou Metro Map.pngFile:Gwangju Metropolitan Transit Map.pngFile:Gwangju Subway.png
File:Hong Kong Railway Route Map en.svg.pngFile:Incheon Subway.pngFile:Incheon Subway Map.png
File:Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit.pngFile:Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Map.pngFile:Kazan Metro.png
File:Kazan Metro Map.pngFile:Kobe Municipal Subway.pngFile:Kobe Rapid Transit Railway.png
File:Kobe Subway Map.pngFile:Korail.pngFile:Kowloon-Canton Railway.png
File:Kyoto Municipal Subway.pngFile:Kyoto Municipal Subway Map.pngFile:MTR.png
File:MTR Map.pngFile:Metro 9.pngFile:Minatomirai 21.png
File:Monaco background strip.jpgFile:Monaco wikia logo template.pngFile:Moscow Metro.png
File:Moscow Metro Map.pngFile:Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi Line.pngFile:Nagoya Municipal Subway.png
File:Nagoya Municipal Subway Map.pngFile:Nanjing Metro.pngFile:Nanjing Metro Map.png
File:Nizhny Novgorod Metro.pngFile:Nizhny Novgorod Metro Map.pngFile:Novosibirsk Metro.png
File:Novosibirsk Metro Map.pngFile:Osaka Municipal Subway.pngFile:Osaka Municipal Subway Map.png
File:Placeholder item.pngFile:Placeholder location.pngFile:Placeholder other.png
File:Placeholder person.pngFile:Pyongyang Metro.pngFile:Pyongyang Metro Map.png
File:Saint Petersburg Metro.pngFile:Saint Petersburg Metro Map.pngFile:Saitama Rapid Railway.png
File:Saitama Rapid Railway Map.pngFile:Samara Metro.pngFile:Samara Metro Map.png
File:Sapporo Municipal Subway.pngFile:Sapporo Municipal Subway Map.pngFile:Sendai City Subway.png
File:Sendai City Subway Map.pngFile:Seoul Metro.pngFile:Seoul Metropolitan Rapid Transit.png
File:Seoul Metropolitan Subway Map.pngFile:Seoul Subway Map.pngFile:Shanghai Metro.png
File:Shanghai Metro Map.pngFile:Shenyang Metro.pngFile:Shenyang Metro Map.png
File:Shenzhen.svgFile:ShenzhenMetroLine2.svg.pngFile:Shenzhen Metro.png
File:Shenzhen Metro Map.pngFile:Subwaymap eng.jpgFile:Taipei Metro.png
File:Taipei Metro Map.pngFile:Tashkent Metro.pngFile:Tashkent Metro Map.png
File:Tbilisi Metro.pngFile:Tbilisi Metro Map.pngFile:Tianjin Metro.png
File:Tianjin Subway.pngFile:Toei Subway.pngFile:Tokyo Metro.png
File:Tokyo Subway Map.pngFile:Tokyo Waterfront Area Rapid Transit.pngFile:White dot.svg
File:World Region Map.pngFile:Wuhan Metro.pngFile:Wuhan Metro Map.png
File:Yekaterinburg Metro.pngFile:Yekaterinburg Metro Map.pngFile:Yerevan Metro.png
File:Yerevan Metro Map.pngFile:Yokohama Municipal Subway.pngFile:Yokohama Subway Map.png

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