Seoul Subway Line 8


Line 8
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Amsa 암사
White dot Cheonho 천호 Line 5
White dot Gangdong-Gu Office 강동구청
White dot Mongchontoseong 몽촌토성
White dot Jamsil 잠실 Line 2
White dot Seokchon 석촌
White dot Songpa 송파
White dot Garak Market 가락시장 Line 3
White dot Munjeong 문정
White dot Jangji 장지
White dot Bokjeong 복정 Korail SMS Bundang Line
White dot Sanseong 산성
White dot Namhansanseong 남한산성입구
White dot Dandaeogeori 단대오거리
White dot Sinheung 신흥
White dot Sujin 수진
White dot Moran 모란 Korail SMS Bundang Line

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