Guangzhou Metro Line 2


Line 2
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Sanyuanli 三元里
White dot Guangzhou 广州 Line 5
White dot Yuexiu Park 越秀公园
White dot Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall 纪念堂
White dot Gongyuanqian 公园前 Line 1
White dot Haizhu Square 海珠广场
White dot The 2nd Workers' Cultural Palace 市二宮
White dot Jiangnanxi 江南西
White dot Xiaogang 晓港
White dot Sun Yat-Sen University 中大
White dot Lujiang 鹭江
White dot Kecun 客村 Line 3
White dot Chigang 赤岗
White dot Modiesha 磨碟沙
White dot Xingangdong 新港东
White dot Pazhou 琶洲
White dot Wanshengwei 万胜围 Line 4

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