Shanghai Metro Line 11 also known as Hujia Line


Line 11 (Hujia Line)
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Jiangsu Road 江苏路 Line 2
White dot Longde Road 隆德路
White dot Caoyang Road 曹杨路 Line 3
Line 4
White dot Fengqiao Road 枫桥路
White dot Zhenru 真如
White dot Shanghai West 上海西
White dot Liziyuan 李子园
White dot Qilianshan Road 祁连山路
White dot Wuwei Road 武威路
White dot Taopu Xincun 桃浦新村
White dot Nanxiang 南翔
White dot Malu 马陆

White dot Jiading Xincheng 嘉定新城
White dot Baiyin Road 白银路
White dot West Jiading 嘉定西
White dot North Jiading 嘉定北
White dot Shanghai Circuit 上海賽車場
White dot Shanghai Automobile City 上海汽車城
White dot Anting 安亭

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