Fukuoka City Subway Kūkō Line


Kūkō Line (Line 1)
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Meinohama 姪浜
White dot Muromi 室見
White dot Fujisaki 藤崎
White dot Nishijin 西新
White dot Tōjinmachi 唐人町
White dot Ōhorikōen 大濠公園
White dot Akasaka 赤坂
White dot Tenjin 天神 ↓↓↓ See below ↓↓↓
connected station transfer with Tenjin-Minami Nanakuma Line (3)
White dot Nakasu-​Kawabata 中洲川端 Hakozaki Line (2)
White dot Gion 祇園
White dot Hakata 博多
White dot Higashi-Hie 東比恵
White dot Fukuokakūkō 福岡空港

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