Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line (Line 2)


Hibiya Line (Line 2)
Station Name Native Name Transfer
White dot Naka-Meguro 中目黒
White dot Ebisu 恵比寿
White dot Hiroo 広尾
White dot Roppongi 六本木 Toei Subway Ōedo Line (12/E)
White dot Kamiyachō 神谷町
White dot Kasumigaseki 霞ケ関 Marunouchi Line (4/M)
Chiyoda Line (9/C)
White dot Hibiya 日比谷 Mita Line (6/I)
Yūrakuchō Line (8/Y)
Chiyoda Line (9/C)
White dot Ginza 銀座 Ginza Line (3/G)
Marunouchi Line (4/M)
White dot Higashi-Ginza 東銀座 Toei Subway Asakusa Line (1/A)
White dot Tsukiji 築地
White dot Hatchōbori 八丁堀
White dot Kayabachō 茅場町 Tōzai Line (5/T)
White dot Ningyōchō 人形町 Asakusa Line (1/A)
White dot Kodemmachō 小伝馬町
White dot Akihabara 秋葉原
White dot Naka-Okachimachi 仲御徒町 ↓↓↓ See below ↓↓↓
connected station transfer with Ueno-Hirokōji Ginza Line (3/G)
connected station transfer with Ueno-Okachimachi Toei Subway Ōedo Line (12/E)
White dot Ueno 上野 Ginza Line (3/G)
White dot Iriya 入谷
White dot Minowa 三ノ輪
White dot Minami-Senju 南千住
White dot Kita-Senju 北千住 Chiyoda Line (9/C)

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